Cupcakes came, went, and are coming?

Cupcakes came, were eaten, and went. But are they now making a comeback in our baskets?

These little cases of joy have quite a history, and, believe it or not, Carrie Bradshaw could be to thank. Ever since season 3 of Sex and the City, in 2000, saw Carrie and Miranda indulging in a cupcake from the infamous Magnolia’s Bakery, New York, the cupcake industry has seen not only its cakes rise – its profits too!


Who’d have thought Carrie could be so influential? Erm… how about every woman and gay man out there! The original influencer glamorised practically everything she did, saw, said, and, dare I say it, wore! Yes, Carrie Bradshaw, even with her perennial lamentations over Big influenced us to a point of a cupcake boom.

Ok, she isn’t entirely to thank but, she made a pretty big impact. Cupcakes were and still are an affordable luxury, costing only around £1-2 a cake. The early 2000’s was boiling an economic crisis, then in 2007, the global financial crisis hit us in the face like a Vivienne Westwood wedding dress, ouch!

So what could people afford to make themselves feel better? Not all of us had a rich financial swooner to wine and dine us every week. So for us mere-mortals, treats included cupcakes. In fact, 2007 to 2012 saw a 59% increase in home baking, with a large percentage being cupcakes. This translated to cupcake sales around the world, and saw the many quit their day-jobs and start up cupcake businesses – tempting, right?

Well, that gravy-train has, unfortunately, slowed down somewhat with sales figures falling but cupcake companies still sell thousands every week, and make a rather tidy profit, too. Companies like Oxford based enterprise Happy Cakes.


Quick to hop on the success train was Julia, owner and ‘star-baker’, who started Happy Cakes in 2009 and has been doing what she loves ever since. Starting off as a catering manager she streamlined her expertise to cupcakes, and expertise they are – They are delicious!

Happy Cakes aim to make cupcakes that are fun, fresh, and friendly. Able to batch cook in its Summertown kitchen, Julia loves the challenge and any order from anywhere around the globe is welcome! Logo-printed cupcakes, basic sponge, to red velvet, Happy Cakes can do it all! Be sure to watch out for the cupcake trike too which can be seen at food events around the country and I think hiring it for a wedding would be extra-special.

If Happy Cakes was an American company, I am certain Carrie Bradshaw would have been enjoying a Happy Cakes cupcake instead – yum!

Visit Happy Cakes online to order yours today –

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